Yankee Johnny Damon Jersey Signed



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Johnny Damon autographed and framed #18 New York Yankee jersey. Four Johnny Damon baseball cards included in framing.

Size 44'' x 36''

Comedian and writer Craig Shoemaker is a life-long baseball fan. He met outfielder Johnny Damon when Damon was a rookie on the Kansas City Royals in. A fan of comedy, Damon and Shoemaker stayed in touch throughout Damon's two decade career in the MLB. Shoemaker was in the stands when Damon's Yankees defeated his hometown Philadelphia Phillies. Somewhat heartbroken, Damon gave Shoemaker the jersey as a lighthearted apology during Damon’s last year on the Yankees (2009).

All proceeds from this sale benefit comedian Craig Shoemaker's charity, the Laughter Heals Foundation.