Our Story

Mike Sherrard, former NFL player, has always had charity in his heart. After completing a successful college career with UCLA, Sherrard spent the next 11 years playing in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants and Denver Broncos. While figuring out his post-NFL career, Sherrard knew that his was a typical story that most former professional athletes experience - if they are lucky, have a nice career, some recognition, unknown post-league job prospects and eventually collect storage lockers full of equipment, jerseys, awards and various collectibles.

Inspired by a conversation he had with friend and baseball Hall of Fame player Dave Winfield, Sherrard listened as Winfield shared his wish for a good way to get rid of items from decades of playing. This was a common problem. One that needed a solution that would benefit both the athlete and worthy causes. Sherrard knew that younger athletes needed the latest gadgets and were given free items while retired players have years of artifacts collected from their days of playing.

Thus, ScoreCelebStuff was born. With his rolodex of colleagues in sports and entertainment as well as experience in the memorabilia industry, Sherrard assembled a team with backgrounds in technology, celebrity outreach and fundraising to build an online platform. With ScoreCelebStuff, Sherrard wanted to make sure that the fans know that they are getting authentic, "non-traditional" items from their favorite stars. Every item for sale includes a photo of the star seller with said item as well as the story behind it. Purchasers receive a certificate signed by the celebrity. That combination is not seen anywhere in the memorabilia industry.

A public hunger exists between fans and stars. Sherrard is fulfilling that with ScoreCelebStuff by combining a celebrity's desire to scale down, making a few dollars and donating to charity.